Riqueza / Riqueza South

Riqueza / Riqueza South is a Cu-Ag±Au±Mo porphyry and Cu-Zn±Ag skarn focused project located in Peru. It occurs within the Miocene Porphyry-skarn Mineral Belt and the Chonta Mineral Belt more locally. This northwest-southeast belt hosts numerous porphyry and skarn deposits, several large mines and dozens of smaller mines.

It is believed Riqueza / Riqueza South hosts a large 5km x 5km epithermal intrusive-related mineralised system. Known forms of mineralisation that occur at Riqueza / Riqueza South includes: Limestone-hosted Ag-Pb-Zn replacement mineralisation (veins, mantos, breccias), volcanic-hosted Au-Ag-Cu mineralisation (veins, breccias, structures) and intrusive-margin-hosted Cu skarnoid mineralisation. Also present includes a large rhyolite dome and several hydrothermally altered intrusive stocks.

Exploration conducted to date provides compelling affirmation of a large mineralised epithermal system being present. Importantly, results of recent exploration has materially raised the prospectivity of Cu-Ag±Au±Mo porphyry and Cu-Zn±Ag skarn minerlisation being present. Multiple large targets have been defined that host coincident geophysics (AMAGRAD, IP and 3D inversion modelling anomalies), soil geochemical anomalies and geological (mineralisation and alteration anomalies).

Importantly, there are three known porphyries within 20km of Riqueza /Riqueza South and all of these have mineralisation related to them.

It is the intention of the company to drill test these first-rate targets in a timely manner.

South to north schematic cross section of Riqueza showing the key parts of a possible mineralised epithermal, porphyry, skarn complex