Frewena Projects

An exceptional opportunity has arisen with the acquisition of the Frewena Group Project (Frewena or Frewena Group). Frewena is considered highly prospective for Tier-1 Iron Ore Copper-Gold (IOCG) mineralisation.

Inca Minerals holds 2,320km2 of granted tenure and exploration licence applications in the emerging, yet underexplored, East Tennant IOCG province of the Northern Territory. The tenements include:

  • Frewena Fable (granted EL 31974 and application EL 32287).
  • Frewena East (granted EL 32289 and applications EL 32580 and EL 32635).
  • Frewena Far East (granted EL 32293).

Granted tenure and applications are part of a joint venture between Inca (90%), MRG Resources Pty Ltd (5%) and Dr Jonathan West (5%). The Company was an early mover in identifying the potential of this new mineral province.

The NTGS and GA recently released world-beating geological and geophysical data over the area between Tennant Creek and the Queensland border. These data sets have resulted in a rare opportunity to peer beneath the sand cover to reveal the mineral potential of that which lies below. The newly recognised East Tennant Province is considered highly prospective for IOCG type deposits.

“It’s a once in a generation opportunity” says Frewena creator, Mr Rob Heaslop.

Initial targeting of the Frewena Group areas – undertaken prior to the release of GA’s data – was guided by coincident radiometric and topography anomalies that indicate granitic intrusions within the regionally mapped sedimentary sequence. Initial project exploration included detailed review of regional geophysical datasets, field reconnaissance, interrogation of ASTER data and detailed AMAGRAD surveying.

It is believed that both the Frewena Projects represents compelling IOCG targets and have demonstrated a number of key attributes that support this view. Both Project areas sit comfortably in the middle of the highest priority IOCG area within the new province and boast a number of high priority exploration targets that occur at surface or shallow depth.

Interpretation of broad regional data has identified a number of large prospective gravity features that is more likely to represent intrusive rocks rather than regionally mapped shale and limestone lithologies.

Occurring above these gravity features are a number of radiometric and topography anomalies that further support the occurrence of granitic rocks at surface and corroborates a 1960’s geological observation of copper-bearing granitic rocks  at the Frewena Fable Project area. Prospectivity is further heightened by Inca’s neighbour at Frewena East, Middle Island Resources (ASX:MDI), announcing a Cu discovery only 800m from Inca tenure in late 2020.

Merging the old and the new data together and the IOCG model for the area appears validated. The Company’s belief is that a major hydrothermal system may occur at both Project areas, with a review of data having resulted in a number of IOCG targets already.

At Frewena Fable there are two large IOCG targets, each approximately 5km across.

At Frewena East, a 3.5km by 6km conductive anomaly occurs at shallow depth 800m form MDI’s reported supergene Cu Discovery.

At Frewena Far East there are multiple IOCG targets, including one that is 12km across and spatially related to a major NE-SW 18km magnetic feature.

The Frewena Group Project represents an exceptional opportunity for the company in the short and long term. IOCG targets occur in granted tenements and in application areas.